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We look at some basic concepts of neuroscience and neurology, along with state-of-the-art modern procedures and alternative treatments. We also share our recommendations in lifestyle and diet to support you. This site focuses on informing people recently diagnosed with a brain issue to offer comfort from our years of experience and knowledge.
From Dr. Arnold Etame: “As a neurosurgeon, I take care of the brain when it is already threatened with illness. There is a lot we can do to keep our brains and minds healthy. This site is dedicated towards efforts of keeping our brains healthy and, thereby, helping to prevent the threat of diseases to the brain.”

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We are here to help you attain better knowledge of the brain and brain health. With my many years of study and experience, I have pioneered ways to treat and improve their brain’s health. I would like this site to serve as an educational avenue to promote well-being. Learn more in our Brain Health section.

Health & Sleep

How Being Healthy & Sleeping Helps You It’s the little things in our daily life that help our brains.  The brain is the strongest organ in your body.  When you realize how much our bodies rely on it, you realize how strong it is.  But can we get some speed bumps? …

Vitamins & Food

  Items to Help Your Brain’s Functions With his knowledge, Dr. Etame shares some items we can focus on.  Did you know? Compounds of chemicals have an important role to help fix your brain’s functions.  Most supplements are a mixture of different vitamins that ultimately help your memory and other…


Exercise Can Help Your Brain’s Health How else does it support your brain?  After seeing and hearing about many different situations, exercise can fully support your body and your brain.  It actually makes your brain stronger and potentially could help it ward off some diseases. The best part of any exercise…

Brain Games

Let’s Keep Your Brain Healthy with Games! Brain function is maintained by using it – a lot!  Think of Brain Games as a physical workout for your brain.  Our brains are consistently getting stronger throughout our younger age and even when we are in our adult age.  This is called…

Social & Friends

Your social side can help you! Friends and family can truly keep your brain healthy.  Yes – sometimes friends and family can get on your angry or annoyed side, but most of the time spent with them can help you in many different ways.  Truly, friends and family can give…

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Read about brain health information that we have found and love to share, along with Dr. Etame’s discoveries.

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About Dr. Etame

As a neurosurgeon and a professor, my life’s work is centered on the human brain. I like to share about my experiences and education, please read more at the Brain Health Doctor About page.  

Learn About Dr. Arnold Etame A Neurological Surgeon & Scientist   Dr. Arnold Etame is a Neurological Surgeon and Scientist in Neuro-Oncology at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute. He also serves as an Assistant Professor of Oncology at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa…