How Can Your Brain Be Healthy?

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I am a neurosurgeon who has performed many successful procedures on many different patients with different levels and types of brain tumors.  I want to share what I have learned with you, especially how we can become healthier people.  Over the years of studying the brain and brain tumors, brain tumors can have thousands of variations, but the one thing that is the same for everyone, the brain never stops.

My site’s main focus is on Brain Health.  These pages are to present and explore what each of us can do to improve our brain’s health and overall well-being.  The most important points for everyone’s Brain Health is: Sleep, Vitamins & Food, Exercise, Brain Games, and Social & Friends.


Health & Sleep

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Learn about ways to focus on your brain’s and body’s health, as well as methods to sleep better, which supports your healing.


Vitamins & Food

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Read to learn more about how specific vitamins can help your brain.  We also share some good food that contains these vitamins.



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Exercise is an excellent way to stay healthy! Here are some ideas to keep your body and your brain functioning well.


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Brain Games

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Head on over to this page to read about some ways to easily exercise your brain – and to have some fun!


Social & Friends

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The best way to keep your brain healthy is through friends and passions. Read our ideas to give you some ideas.