Your social side can help you!

Friends and family can truly keep your brain healthy.  Yes – sometimes friends and family can get on your angry or annoyed side, but most of the time spent with them can help you in many different ways.  Truly, friends and family can give you a meaning in your life.  Even more importantly, as you go through challenging times, friends and family can be a source of support that you may not even be aware of.  As human beings, we tend to protect ourselves, but opening up to friends and family can be better for your health than you realize.

Friend Love


Overall, our health can head downward if we are alone or not close to any friends or family members.  Because we are able to chat and interact with people, we are able to maintain a great connection.  We are also able to reduce our stress, increase our learnings, and express our emotions.  It is important to be able to trust and understand people we interact with.  Friendship can also help you to be motivated to learn new things and to go after activities.  Even participating in activities can support you to find even more friends.  When we find new friends, we continue to enjoy ourselves and have fun.  Many organizations and sport teams can help you meet some additional friends.


Keep Your Brain Working

Communicating and maintaining friends and family can protect your brain’s health.  Think of it – with friends and family, they are on your mind a lot!  It’s not a bad thing;  it is a way to keep the community as a part of you.  When you socialize, you have a lot to remember and a lot of conversations to continue.  The best part is that your brain supports you to understand your friends and family.  It’s like a puzzle your mind knows how to put together for you!  This isn’t based on your quantity of friends but on the quality and the depth of your relations.



To volunteer, you can help many other people.  And you can also potentially meet some new friends.  Red Cross has a great story, “Volunteering is Good For Your Soul,” about meeting people.  You will find people who enjoy the same things as you do.  Not only are you happier after volunteering, but generally healthier, too!  A great site to find a spot near you who needs help and assistance is Volunteer Match.



A lot of people love to have animals around them daily.  A pet is a great way to develop a true, strong relationship. Pets can also help us to be more social and to get more fitness.  Therefore, pets can help you improve your health and can reduce any lonely feelings you may have.  From the Center of Disease Control, “About Pets & People“: “Studies have shown that the bond between people and their pets can increase fitness, lower stress, and bring happiness to their owners.”

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