Laughing During Brain Surgery? It’s Possible!

Research on Brain Stimulation

The thought of patients laughing and joking during their brain surgery operations might seem odd.  But it actually helps neurosurgeons to ensure the goals of surgery are attained.  One method that is being researched is using an electrical stimulation to “evoke positive affect and anxiolysis without sedation.”  This research has…

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New Hope for Patients with Brain Cancer – Dye that guides surgeons and facilitates the view of cancer cells during brain surgery

5-ALA in a brain tumor used in the UK

The FDA recently approved a dye that can accumulate in cancer cells and make them glow during brain surgery.  This is a major advance especially for aggressive brain cancers called gliomas.  Glioblastoma is the most aggressive and lethal glioma. Aggressive surgical removal of the tumor followed by chemotherapy and radiation…

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