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Dr. Arnold Etame and his team are excited to launch the Brain Health Doctor site!  Dr. Arnold Etame is a neurosurgeon and a professor;  he would like to use this website to offer his knowledge and help others.  Here on this site, he can share many things based on his research and studies about our brains, as well as based on many brain surgeries he has conducted. Brain Health Doctor Logo

Dr. Etame decided that he would like to focus on the two most important subjects: Brain Health (what we can do to help our brains) and Brain Care (options for anyone who may have a brain tumor).  We have also added informative About pages on Dr. Etame’s background, education, and studies.  Brain Health Doctor also has a Blog to share anything we think would inform you, the reader.

Please read through the site and feel free to share your ideas and feedback on our Contact page.

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