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We found a recently posted article in the New York Times entitled “Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness.” It reveals learnings that the writer found when being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  While that is not quite the same as having a brain tumor, the author shares some great ideas to focus on during your treatment for whatever illness you may have.

The author talks about how a chronic disease can seem to overtake you and your friends and family.  Overall, the author has learned many different things to focus on, but has shared her findings that she “wished [she] had known from the start.”  Here are the top learning moments:

  • Mental portion is as challenging as the physical
  • Relationships will probably not stay the same
  • You will receive advice about your disease from friends and family
  • Research will help you and with whomever you chat
  • Communities can support you

The American Brain Tumor Association also shares some great points on living with a tumor on their “Living with a Brain Tumor” page:

  • Focus on today;  try to take it one day at a time
  • Checklists to help you get through items and still know what to focus on
  • Accept support from friends and family to accomplish things
  • Exercise and a healthy diet can help support your treatments

Finally, we also have some great pages in the “Brain Health” portion of our site that can help you feel better overall!  Our focus is on Health, Sleep, Vitamins, Physical & Mental Exercise, and Friends.  Visit each page for some ideas to support your body, along with what you are going through.

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