Research to Potentially Create Cancer Killing Drugs

From Dartmouth: A new chemical pathway from simple commercially-available materials to medicinally-relevant molecules. Image courtesy of Glenn Micalizio.

A new type of drug discovery technique could potentially revolutionize the discovery of anti-cancer drugs.  Researchers at Dartmouth College developed a method to design drugs that specifically target certain diseases, like cancer and neurodegeneration. In their study, they examined the effectiveness of several potential drugs using Glioblastoma cells.  In their research,…

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Can a Scorpion Help You with Your Brain Tumor?

Glioma brain tumors are often very challenging for surgeons because they can have an appearance similar to brain white matter.  Furthermore, these tumors can grow as small islands within brain tissue.  All of the above make surgical removal of gliomas difficult.  It now appears that scorpions could assist with removal…

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A Study on Low-dose Radiation Therapy

Cartoon diagram of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) (rainbow colored, N-terminus = blue, C-terminus = red) complexed its ligand epidermal growth factor (magenta) based on the PDB: 1NQL​ crystallographic coordinates.

Many people with brain tumors will have an operation to remove as much tumor as possible.  The goal is to remove what can be safely removed. The next steps may be chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.  In order to explore how radiation may assist in targeting and killing brain tumor cells,…

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