Cell Zapping – Can it Help Brain Tumors Diminish?

Cancer Cells

Many brain tumors, particularly the aggressive and malignant Glioblastoma, are treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy medication.  Complete surgical removal of glioblastoma is almost impossible because tumor cells invade the surrounding brain.  Chemotherapy and radiation can have limitations as well in terms of tumor resistance. Hence while the tumor might…

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Blood/Spinal Fluid (Liquid) Biopsies: An innovative non-invasive way to assess brain tumor response to therapy during treatment

Doctors have been researching non-invasive options to assess how brain tumors, especially in children, respond to therapy.  In particular, doctors can closely follow how treatment impacts on key genetic changes that drive tumor growth. The traditional approach was to obtain tissue biopsies to assess tumor response.  However, this approach is…

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